Surrounded by nature, atop a high peak, in a far-away land, or close to home, I sometimes see compositions that strike a chord within me. To capture the music of each scene with a camera is especially thrilling and satisfying. When I transform the best images into finished prints, their harmonies continue to resonate within me, and I enjoy sharing them with others.

I acquired my first camera at the age of eight and vividly remember eagerly opening the envelope from the lab to see my first photographs. As I grew older, I felt a strong desire to photograph nature with black and white film, but became frustrated with the limitations of 35mm negatives. At that time, I was in college and couldn’t afford a larger format camera. Years later, after establishing a successful commercial photography studio, I had a revelation: I now owned the equipment I could only dream of in college. So with a new sense of wonder, I started bringing my large-format cameras on various adventures. Hiking, skiing, and canoeing into the wilderness, I rediscovered my love of photographing the landscape. At first I was a purist and wouldn’t include human-made objects in my photographs. But, gradually, they crept into my viewfinder with subjects such as “Hay Rake,” which I shot in 2002.

More recently, I’ve been taking a more intimate look at the finer details of landscapes. Textures and patterns are catching my eye, pushing me to discover new angles and compositions. And, of course, I’m always noting new places to explore when the season, weather, and lighting are in perfect harmony.

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